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I was tagged by amazing ~Gem-Starling

                                  1. You have to post the rules.
                                  2. No tag backs.
                                  3. You have to choose 10 people and post their icons in your journal.
                                  4. Answer the questions that the tagged gave you and make up new                    
                                     questions for the people you tag.
                                  5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged them.
                                  6. Post 10 things about yourself.

1. How was your Holiday?
So far so good! :P

2. Do you have any pets that you miss?
Well.. nah.

3. Ice cream or cake?
Ice-cream cakes! XD

4. What's your favorite mythic creature(or being)?
Guess that would be the banshee!

5. Did you believe, the world was gonna end on Dec. 21, 2012?
Well, as I explored, no.

6. Anime or live action?

8. Did you wait for Dec. 22 to come, just so you can laugh at people, who thought the world was going end? (I did. XD)
of course! XP

9. Someone just took your phone, what are you gonna do?
Take his! :P

10. Did you notice I skipped number 7? XD

Well, yeah! =P  *wondering why?! XD*

Things about myself...(really?)...ok...

1) I live in a village with 36 citizens
2) I've got a bunny who looks like it's wearing a tuxedo! :P
3) I hate maths! (Who doesn't?)
4) Lord of the rings is a film I wouldn't like to have missed
5) I adore sneakers! :3
6) My french-skills increased this year :(
7) I'm a very big Green Day fan!
8) Dakota Fanning is better than her sister! +I swear+
9) Pokémon are cool!
10) I don't know what to write. XD

So, questions for you:

1. When do you usually wash your hair? Morning or evening?

2. Yaoi or Yuri?

3. Did you ever read a book written in a foreign language?

4. Are you on facebook?

5. What's your favourite colour?

6. Manga or anime? XD *muhahahaha*

7. Do you like colourful pants?

8. Pokémon or Digimon?

9. Wii or Wiiu?

10. Why did you join d.A.?

Tagged people:
Gem-Starling Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student
Nice!!:thumbsup: I'm one of the few people who prefer Digimon over Pokemon. XD
Chinese-Toad Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WTF? :3
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Submitted on
December 31, 2012